人名 [市村 羽左衛門 (十代目)] Ichimura Uzaemon X
別名 [市村 七十郎] Ichimura shichijūrō ([幼名] Childhood name) ,
[市村 亀蔵 (二代目)] Ichimura Kamezō II ([前(芸)名] Earlier stage name) ,
[亀全] Kizen ([雅号/排名] Pen or literary name) ,
ジェンダー [男性] Male
文化的アイデンティティー Japanese
居住国 [日本] Japan
生年月日 [1748 - 1748] 1748 - 1748
没年月日 [二月 15, 1799] February 15, 1799
専門ジャンル [歌舞伎] Kabuki
関連地 [江戸(日本)] Edo (Japan) (historic region)
参考文献 [歌舞伎人名辞典] Kabuki Jinmei Jiten (p.122)
備考 [座本 (八代目)。屋号:菊屋。 紋:橘 九代目市村羽左衛門の息子。市村七十郎と名乗り、 1758年に初舞台を踏む。1762年父が羽左衛門を襲名し、父の前名亀蔵と改める。1788年、市村羽左衛門 (十代目)を襲名し、座本(八代目)となる。前代からの借金が一度落着するが、再び大借金となり、桐座を控座として興行する。親類の福地茂兵衛の息子を養子にし、羽左衛門 (十一代目)を襲名させる。1797年、65歳の魚商の老人が経済的に協力し、翌年、市村座は再興したが、その翌年、没す。]

Group affiliations: Kikuya. Ichimura Uzaemon X was a son of Ichimura Uzaemon IX. He initially took the name Ichimura Shichijuro and first appeared on stage in November 1758. Four years later he took his father's name, Kamezo, as his father changed his name to Uzaemon. In 1788 he became Uzaemon X and Ichimura theater manager VIII. He had a debt from his father and it settled once, but he had a huge debt again in 1793 so Kiri Theater was opened as a substitute. He adopted a son of Fukuchi Shigebee (his relative) and made him succeed to Uzaemon. In 1797, a 65-year-old man supported him economically, and the following year Ichimura Theater was opened again, but he passed away soon after.

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