人名 Lind, Jenny
別名 The Swedish Nightingale ([芸名] Stage name)
ジェンダー [女性] Female
居住国 Sweden
生年月日 [十月 6, 1820] October 6, 1820
没年月日 [十一月 2, 1887] November 2, 1887
現役期間 [1830 - 1883] 1830 - 1883
専門ジャンル [オペラ(西洋)] Opera, European
参考文献 Grove’s Dictionary of Music and Musicians
備考 Wildly popular opera singer Jenny Lind appeared mostly in recitals and oratorio, only rarely in full operas. She performed extensively in Germany and England, and her U.S. tour of 1850-1852 was managed by P. T. Barnum. SFPALM

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