人名 [リチア・アルバネーゼ] Albanese, Licia
ジェンダー [女性] Female
文化的アイデンティティー Italian
居住国 United States
生年月日 [七月 22, 1913] July 22, 1913
没年月日 [Unknown] Unknown
現役期間 [1934] 1934
専門ジャンル [オペラ(西洋)] Opera, European
舞台芸術関連グループ Metropolitan Opera Company
備考 Italian-born American soprano Licia Albanese made more than 1000 appearances in 48 roles. She specialized in the Puccini heroines, with Madama Butterfly's Cio-Cio-San her signature role. SFPALM

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