人名 Carter, Charles Joseph
別名 Carter the Great ([芸名] Stage name) ,
World's Weird Wonderful Wizard, The ([芸名] Stage name) ,
Carter the Mysterious ([芸名] Stage name)
ジェンダー [男性] Male
文化的アイデンティティー American
居住国 United States
生年月日 [1874] 1874
没年月日 [1936] 1936
現役期間 [1900 - 1936] 1900 - 1936
専門ジャンル [マジック(魔術)] Magic
備考 One of the most well-known and popular illusionists of the early 20th century. San Franciscan. Carter the Great toured extensively around the world, and died while on tour in India. SFPALM

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関連プロダクション 1930, Cheating the Gallows
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