人名 Rockmore, Clara
別名 Reisenberg, Clara (Birth name)
ジェンダー [女性] Female
文化的アイデンティティー Russian
居住国 Russia, United States
生年月日 [1911] 1911
没年月日 [1998] 1998
現役期間 [1920 - 1998] 1920 - 1998
専門ジャンル [クラシック音楽(古典音楽)] Classical music
備考 Musical progidy Clara Rockmore became the most virtuoso player of the theremin even known. Thremin is an electronic instrument, which is played by using the electromagnetic field of a person's body; two metal antennaes stick out of the instrument, one for pitch and one for volume, and the musician moves their hands around them to produce sound. Although it is a difficult instrument to play well and is has mostly been used for sound effects, Rockmore played classical music on it, sometimes with the accompaniment of a piano or orchestra. Rockmore was a good friend of Russian physicist and theremin inventor Leon Theremin, and he made her a special instrument custom-built for her playing style. SFPALM

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関連プロダクション 1940Nov12, San Francisco War Memorial Opera House
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