人名 Maguire, Thomas
別名 Maguire, Tom ([通称] Nickname)
ジェンダー [男性] Male
文化的アイデンティティー Irish
居住国 United States
生年月日 [1820] 1820
没年月日 [1896] 1896
現役期間 [1849 - 1882] 1849 - 1882
専門ジャンル [劇、(演劇、ドラマ), ミンストレル・ショー, オペラ(西洋)] Drama, Minstrelsy, Opera, European
参考文献 San Francisco Performing Arts Library and Museum
備考 Tom Maguire, formerly a bartender in New York's Five Points district, came to San Francisco during the Gold Rush, and opened several theaters. He was one of the leading impresarios of the city until he moved back to New York, penniless, in 1882. SFPALM

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