人名 Faversham, William
別名 Faversham, William, 1868-1940 (Authority name)
ジェンダー [男性] Male
文化的アイデンティティー American
居住国 United States, United Kingdom
生年月日 [二月 12, 1868] February 12, 1868
没年月日 [四月 7, 1940] April 7, 1940
関連地 [米国, ロンドン(イングランド), 連合王国] United States, London (England), United Kingdom
舞台芸術関連グループ Empire Theatre (New York, N.Y.)
備考 Though most of Faversham's important productions originated in London, where he was born, he himself was American. He was affiliated with the Empire Theater Company 1893-1901 and specialized in Shakespearean drama.

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