人名 Crommelynck, Fernand
別名 Crommelynck, Fernand, 1886-1970 (Authority name)
ジェンダー [男性] Male
文化的アイデンティティー Belgian
居住国 Belgium
生年月日 [1886] 1886
没年月日 [1970 - 1970] 1970 - 1970
専門ジャンル [劇、(演劇、ドラマ)] Drama
関連地 [ベルギー] Belgium
備考 Belgian dramatist, b. Brussels. Crommelynck's first great success was a tragic farce about jealousy, Le Cocu magnifique (1921, tr. The Magnificent Cuckold, 1966). Other plays that reveal his expert craftsmanship and strong lyric power include Le Sculpteur de masques [The Sculptor of Masks] (1908), Le Marchand de regrets [The Puerile Lovers] (1913), and Carine (1930).

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