作品名 [経政] Tsunemasa
作品別名 [経正(観世・金剛流)] Tsunemasa(Kanze,Kongou School)
作品創作日 [室町時代] Muromachi
関連舞台芸術 [能] Noh
関連運動 [現行謡曲] currently performed noh
創作の言語 [日本語] Japanese
作品構成部分 One act
作品サイテーション・掲載元 The Nô Plays of Japan,
Neuf nō japonaise,
Vierundzwanzig Nô-Spiele,
The Classic Noh Theatre of Japan,
'NOH' Or Accomplishment: A Study of the Classical Stage of Japan,
The Noh Volume II: Battle Noh in Parallel Translations with an Introduction and Running Commentaries,
Nô et Kyôgen

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関連プロダクション Tsunemasa
Performances of the piece 1001476, 1001477, 1001478, 1001479, 1001480, 1000636, 1000635, 1000634, 1000633, 1000632, 1000631, 1000630, 1000629, 1000628, 1001085, 1000627