作品名 Apollon Musegète
作品別名 Apollo ([通称] *Popularized title) ,
Apollo, Leader of the Muses ([通称] *Popularized title) ,
Apollon Musegete ([通称] *Popularized title) ,
Apollon Musegètes ([通称] *Popularized title)
作品創作日 [1928] 1928
創作者・作家 Stravinsky, Igor [作曲者] Composer ,
[ジョージ・バランシン] Balanchine, George
関連舞台芸術 [バレエ] Ballet
登場人物 [アポロ] Apollo ([超自然的人物(神)] Supernatural beings) , [カリオペ] Calliope , Polyhymnia , Terpsichore Apollo
あらすじ Based on the Ancient Greek myth of the god Apollo.
参考文献 International Encyclopedia of Dance ,
San Francisco Performing Arts Library and Museum
備考 This piece was originally created for Diaghilev's Ballets Russes. SFPALM

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関連プロダクション 1937Apr27, Metropolitan Opera House, American Ballet, Apollon Musegète
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