作品名 Dantons Tod
作品別名 Danton's Death ([翻訳] Translation)
作品創作日 [十九世紀] 19th century (1801-1900 CE)
創作者・作家 Buechner, Georg [劇作者] Playwright
関連舞台芸術 [劇、(演劇、ドラマ)] Drama
関連運動 [自然主義] Naturalism
創作の言語 [ドイツ語] German
作品構成部分 Drama in 3 Acts
あらすじ Derpicts Danton as disillusioned man sickened by the bloodshed he has helped to start.
備考 First performed under Reinhardt in 1916; Alban Berg's Wozzeck (1925) utilized fragments of Buechner's play as well.

Associated Items

関連プロダクション 1916Dec15, Deutsches Theater (Berlin, Germany), Reinhardt ensemble, Dantons Tod ,
1920Feb14, Grosses Schauspielhaus (Berlin, Germany), Reinhardt ensemble, Dantons Tod
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