作品名 [桂川連理柵] Katsuragawa renri no shigarami
作品別名 The Love of Ohan and Choemon ([翻訳] Translation)
作品創作日 [1776] 1776
関連舞台芸術 [人形浄瑠璃, 歌舞伎] Puppetry, Kabuki
関連運動 [世話物] sewamono (domestic play)
創作の言語 [日本語] Japanese
作品構成部分 4 acts (dan)
登場人物 [お半] Ohan , [長右衛門] Choemon Ohan
あらすじ Ohan and Chōemon meet at an inn while traveling. They begin an illicit affair which is later discovered by Choemon's wife Okinu and his step-mother Otose, the later of whom plots against him to blame him of the misappropriation of shop money and an heirloom sword. In the end Ohan and Choemon flee together and drown themselves in the Katsura river.

Associated Items

関連プロダクション 1977Jul09, Asahi-za, Bunraku, Hirakana seisuiki ,
1976Mar19, Kokuritsu shōgekijō, Bunraku, Sonezaki shinju ,
1977Jul09, Asahi-za, Katsuragawa renri no shigarami
Performances of the piece 1006554, 1006555
Representations of characters from piece 1004281
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