作品名 [生写朝顔話] Shō utsushi asagao banashi
作品別名 Story of the morning glory ([翻訳] Translation)
作品創作日 [1832] 1832
関連舞台芸術 [人形浄瑠璃] Puppetry
関連運動 [時代物] jidaimono (historical play)
創作の言語 [日本語] Japanese
作品構成部分 An introduction and 14 scenes
登場人物 [萩の祐仙] Yūsen Yūsen
あらすじ Follows the trials and tribulations of Miyuki/Asagao and Asojirō as they fall in love, but are blocked from marriage by various villains.

Associated Items

関連プロダクション 1978May13, Kokuritsu shougekijou, Bunraku, Shō utsushi asagao banashi
Performances of the piece 1004298, 1004401