作品名 [勧進帳] Kanjinchō
作品別名 Subscription List, The ([翻訳] Translation) ,
Kanjincho ([音写] Transliteration)
作品創作日 [1840] 1840
創作者・作家 [ジェイムズ・R・ブランドン] Brandon, James R. Translator ,
Namiki Gohei [劇作者] Playwright
関連舞台芸術 [歌舞伎, 人形浄瑠璃] Kabuki, Puppetry
関連運動 [時代物] jidaimono (historical play)
創作の言語 [日本語] Japanese
作品構成部分 One act.
登場人物 [義経] Yoshitsune , [弁慶] Benkei ([軍人] Military personnel) Yoshitsune
あらすじ Yoshitsune Minamoto and his retainer Benkei disguise themselves as travelling priests in order to pass through the barrier at Ataka set up to catch them. Benkei must beat his master Yoshitsune who is disguised as his porter.
備考 The Bunraku puppet theatre adaptation of this kabuki play was first staged in 1895 in Osaka.

Associated Items

関連プロダクション 1981Apr24, Kennedy Theatre, Kanjinchō ,
2000Jan02, Shimbashi embujō, Kanjinchō ,
1978Dec, Kanjinchō
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