プロダクション名 1890Sep06, Niagara Falls, Dixon Crossing the Niagara
プロダクション別名 Dixon crossing the Niagara
舞台芸術 [サーカス芸術(曲芸芸術)] Circus arts
開始日 [九月 6, 1890] September 6, 1890
終了日 [九月 6, 1890] September 6, 1890
プロダクションの種類 [一回公演] Single event
場所 [ナイアガラ・フォールズ] Niagara Falls
作品 Dixon Crossing the Niagara
制作者・演出者 [サミュエル・J・ディクソン] Dixon, Samuel J.
備考 Photographer and tightrope walker Samuel J. Dixon, of Toronto, walked the high wire over Niagra on September 6th 1890. Wearing brown tights, black silk trunks, and his "lucky" Civil War cap, Dixon walked a seven-eigths inch wire over the Niagara River Gorge, above the most turbulent portion of the Whirlpool Rapids. His sixteen-foot-long balancing pole was made up of three pieces of gas pipe. After crossing from the Canadian side to the American side, on his return walk he further thrilled the crowd by standing on one foot, lying on the rope with the pole resting on his chest, and hanging from the wire by one hand. SFPALM

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