プロダクション名 1907Dec28, Moore Theatre, Alaskan, The
開始日 [十二月 28, 1907] December 28, 1907
終了日 [一月 4, 1908] January 4, 1908
場所 Moore Theatre
作品 Alaskan, The
制作者・演出者 Goodner, Marie ([俳優] Actor) Fables, William ([俳優] Actor) Brown, Agnes Cain ([俳優] Actor) Adair, Anne ([俳優] Actor) Leicester, Amy ([俳優] Actor) Webb, Teddy ([俳優] Actor) Martindell, Edward B. ([俳優] Actor) Vizard, Harold ([俳優] Actor) [ジョン・コート] Cort, John (Producer) Girard, Harry ([作曲者] Composer) Blethen, Joseph ([劇作者] Playwright) Figman, Max ([劇作者] Playwright)
備考 ced100 Harry Girard was both composer for the musical and an actor in the production.

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