プロダクション名 1930, Cheating the Gallows
プロダクション別名 Carter the Great on Tour, circa 1930-1936 (Common variant)
舞台芸術 [マジック(魔術)] Magic
開始日 [1930 - 1936] 1930 - 1936
終了日 [1930 - 1936] 1930 - 1936
プロダクションの種類 [巡業/ツアー] Tour
作品 Cheating the Gallows, Famous Levitation Mystery, The, Modern Priestess of Delphi, The, Enlongated Maiden, The, Crystal Casket, The, Shooting Through a Live Woman, Vanishing Elephant, The
制作者・演出者 Carter, Charles Joseph (Magician (illusionist)) Monty (Magician (illusionist)) Maxwell, Evelyn (Magician (illusionist))
プロダクション中の芸術 [その他(ノートで註釈して下さい)] Other
備考 The San Francisco Performing Arts Library and Museum has a number of promotional materials associated with the last few years of the career of Carter the Great, from about 1930 to his death in 1936. SFPALM

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