プロダクション名 1868, United States, Lydia Thompson's British Blondes, Robinson Crusoe (burlesque)
舞台芸術 [バーレスク] Burlesque
開始日 [1868] 1868
終了日 [1874] 1874
プロダクションの種類 [巡業/ツアー] Tour
場所 [米国] United States
作品 Robinson Crusoe (burlesque), Ixion (burlesque), Ivanhoe (burlesque), Forty Thieves (burlesque), Bluebeard (burlesque), Aladdin (burlesque), Kenilworth (burlesque), Mephisto (burlesque), Lurline (burlesque), Sinbad (burlesque), Sonnambula, La (burlesque), Robin Hood (burlesque)
舞台芸術グループ(劇団) Lydia Thompson's British Blondes
制作者・演出者 Thompson, Lydia ([俳優] Actor) Edouin, Willie ([俳優] Actor)
備考 Lydia Thompson's British Blondes' US tour of 1868-1874 was America's first introduction to burlesque. Thompson and the theatrical form became very popular in the US. SFPALM

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