プロダクション名 1919, Duke of York's Theatre, Arms and the Man
場所 [ヨーク公劇場] Duke of York's Theatre
作品 Arms and the Man
制作者・演出者 Rumbold, Hugo ([デザイナー] Designer) [ゴードン・ベイリー] Bailey, Gordon ([俳優] Actor) Morland, M.R. ([俳優] Actor) Lawrence, Gerald ([俳優] Actor) [パトリック・キャンベル夫人] Campbell, Patrick, Mrs. ([俳優] Actor) Whitby, Arthur ([俳優] Actor) Sitgreaves, Beverly ([俳優] Actor) Holmes-Gore, Dorothy ([俳優] Actor) Loraine, Robert (Producer)
備考 Robert Loraine played Captain Bluntschli; Beverly Sitgreaves played Catherine Petkoff; Dorothy Holmes-Gore played Louka; M.R. Moreland played Major Paul Petkoff; Gerald Lawrence played Major Sergius Saranoff; Arthur Whitby played Nicola; Gordon Bailey played Osman; Mrs. Patrick Campbell played Raina Petkoff

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