プロダクション名 1906Mar20, Royal Court Theatre, Captain Brassbound's Conversion
プロダクション別名 Royal Court Theatre, London, 1906 (migrated production name)
舞台芸術 [劇、(演劇、ドラマ)] Drama
場所 [ロイヤルコートシアター] Royal Court Theatre
作品 Captain Brassbound's Conversion
制作者・演出者 Shaw, Jules Granville-Barker, Harley [J・H・バーンズ] Barnes, J. H. Carew, James Kerr, Frederick Gwenn, Edmund Delph, C. L. Gurney, Edmund Sherbrooke, Michael Lowe, Trevor [ルイス・キャッソン] Casson, Lewis [ゴードン・ベイリー] Bailey, Gordon Lloyd, Frederick Terry, Ellen
備考 This play was first presented on March 20 and 6 ma

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