プロダクション名 1909, His Majesty's Theatre, Admirable Bashville, The
場所 [ヒズマジェスティ劇場] His Majesty's Theatre
作品 Admirable Bashville, The
制作者・演出者 [バーナード・ショウ] Shaw, Bernard (Producer) [ヘンリー・エインリー] Ainley, Henry ([俳優] Actor) Herne, James ([俳優] Actor) Lohr, Marie ([俳優] Actor) Pawle, Lennox ([俳優] Actor) Quartermaine, Charles ([俳優] Actor) Foote, Courtney ([俳優] Actor) Hobbs, Halliwell ([俳優] Actor) Filippi, Rosina ([俳優] Actor) Sass, Edward ([俳優] Actor)
備考 Halliwell Hobbs played A Policeman; Henry Ainley played Bashville; Rosina Filippi played Lady Britomart Undershaft; Courtney Foote played Lord Worthington; Charles Quartermaine played Lucian; Marie Lohr played Lydia; Lennox Pawle played Mellish; James Herne played Mellish; Edward Sass played Paradise

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