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Дата спектакля [Unknown] Unknown
Создатели спектакля Cheng Bing ([Танцовщик] Dancer) (Bao Li) Wu Shaoming ([Танцовщик] Dancer) (Bao Sanniang) Li Zhaolin ([Танцовщик] Dancer) (Bao Yi) Tang Gangqiang ([Танцовщик] Dancer) (Hua Guansuo)
Постановка Nuo Art Theater of Chizhou, Battle between Hua Guansuo and Bao Sanniang
Название произведения Battle between Hua Guansuo and Bao Sanniang
Язык спектакля [Китайский] Chinese
Место спектакля China
Примечания о спектакле Tang Gangqiang (as Hua Guansuo) appears third from the left on the red horse; Wu Shaoming (as Bao Sanniang) appears third from the right, duelling with Tang. Cheng Bing (as Bao Li) is at the far left, near he back of the stage, and Li Zhaolin (as Bao Yi) is second from the left, low to the ground, in the yellow costume. No names are known for the two actors (or their roles) on the far right. This play, which is performed on stilts, is based on a tale from a Ming drama collection (1368 - 1644).