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Название экспоната Musicians' seats backstage, Orphan of Zhao, 15 February 2000
Вид искусства Chaoju
Экспонат [Закулисье] Backstage
Постановка 2000Feb15, Geylang, Xin Ronghexing Chaojuntuan, Orphan of Zhao, The
Название произведения Orphan of Zhao, The
Когда был создан экспонат [Unknown] Unknown
Примечания об экспонате Pictured: musicians' seats backstage. In some performanes of traditional Chinese opera ('Xiqu') the musicians sit on either side of the stage, depending on what kind of instrument they play. The two sides are sometimes refered to as the 'wen' (letter) side, and the 'wu'(military) side. String instruments belong to the former, while the drums and gongs belong to the latter.
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