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Дата спектакля [1934] 1934
Часть спектакля Antelude
Создатели спектакля Leigh, Andrew ([Актер] Actor) (Androcles) ([] A) Harris, Clare ([Актер] Actor) (Magaera) ([] n) Carr, George ([Актер] Actor) (Lion) ([] i)
Постановка Regents Park, London, 1934
Название произведения Androcles and the Lion
Язык спектакля [Английский] English
Место спектакля Regent's Park (London, England)
Примечания о спектакле This performance took place in an outdoor space in London's Regent's Park. Androcles is depicted in the center, flanked by The Lion at right and Magaera at left.