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Название экспоната Black box of the Marine Parade Community Building
Экспонат [Черный кабинет] Black box
Название экспоната Interior
Какое помещение связано с экспонатом Marine Parade Community Building
Какие люди связаны с экспонатом Lim, Beng Choo , Lim, Beng Choo
Когда был создан экспонат [Unknown] Unknown
Примечания об экспонате The blackbox theater of The Necessary Stage is located at the basement of the Marine Parade Community Building. The seating capacity of the blackbox theater is about 80. Besides being used as an auditorium, the space is also being used for rehearsals and other activities such as workshops. When the picture was taken, the space was being used for rehearsal for a play to be performed in October 2001.