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Номер в GloPAD 779
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Название экспоната Foyer of The Necessary Stage Community Activity Club House
Экспонат [Фойе] Foyer
Название экспоната The Necessary Stage community activity club house
Какое помещение связано с экспонатом Marine Parade Community Building
Какие люди связаны с экспонатом Lim, Beng Choo , Lim, Beng Choo
Когда был создан экспонат [Unknown] Unknown
Примечания об экспонате The foyer area is where one first enters when visiting The Necessary Stage. The wooden floor, the white walls decorated with performance pictures and a low bookshelf exhibiting relevant literature provide a cozy and intimate atmosphere. Also see Database ID 780 for a different perspective and 778 for the outside of the foyer.