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Название экспоната Entrance to The Necessary Stage Community Activity Club House
Экспонат [Вход] Entrance
Название экспоната Front door to The Necessary Stage community activity clubhouse
Какое помещение связано с экспонатом Marine Parade Community Building
Какие люди связаны с экспонатом Lim, Beng Choo , Lim, Beng Choo , Tan, Alvin
Когда был создан экспонат [Unknown] Unknown
Примечания об экспонате Front door of The Necessary Stage theater company. The person standing at the door is the Artistic Director of The Necessary Stage, Alvin Tan. The Necessary Stage is housed in the Marine Parade Community Building, located in a government housing estate area. The Community Building is shared by three organizations: the Necessary Stage, the Marine Parade Community Centre and the Marine Parade Community Library.