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Дата спектакля [Unknown] Unknown
Создатели спектакля Ci Ai-xiang ([Актер] Actor) (Guan Ping) Fang Ning ([Актер] Actor) (Guan-gong) Li Zhaolin ([Актер] Actor) (Zhou Cang)
Постановка Nuo Art Theater of Chizhou, Holy Emperor Ascending the Main Hall, The
Название произведения Holy Emperor Ascending the Main Hall, The
Язык спектакля [Китайский] Chinese
Место спектакля China
Примечания о спектакле Li Zhaolin (as Zhou Cang) appears in the left of this photograph; Fang Ning (as Guan-gong) appears in the center on his throne, and Ci Ai-xiang (as Guan Ping) beside him, on the right-hand side of the photograph. The play, a modern rendition of a traditional Nuo piece, is about how Guan-gong, a deitified historical figure, and his suboridinates bring blessings to a village by exorcising the demons with his sword. Also see records of the village version of the same play.