Фамилия, имя Onoe Tamizō I
Пол [мужчина] Male
Национальная культурная самоидентификация Japanese
Страна (страны) проживания Japan
Дата рождения [1754 - 1754] 1754 - 1754
Дата смерти [1789 - 1791] 1789 - 1791
Виды художественной деятельности Kabuki
Географические связи Kyoto (Japan)
Примечания Character types: young female roles (waka onnagata). Group affiliations:Aizuya; Otowaya. Onoe Tamizo I was a student of Hanazome Minamijo. He first appeared on stage in 1763 in the role of a young female, under the stage name Hanazome Tamizo. He became Onoe Kenzo as a student of Onoe Kikugoro in 1768. He wrote his name, Tamizo, using different characters. There is a theory that he died in 1790. He was active from 1763 to 1787.

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