Фамилия, имя Baker, Josephine
Иное имя McDonald, Freda Josephine ([Данное при рождении имя] Birth name) ,
([Сценическое имя] Stage name)
Пол [женщина] Female
Национальная культурная самоидентификация African-American
Страна (страны) проживания France, United States
Дата рождения [Июнь 3, 1906] June 3, 1906
Дата смерти [Апр 12, 1975] April 12, 1975
Период творческой активности [1922 - 1975] 1922 - 1975
Связи с творческими коллективами Folies-Bergère
Связи с организациями Folies-Bergère (Paris)
Ссылки (Страницы) Baker, Josephine
Примечания Singer, dancer, and actress Josephine Baker started her stage career as a teenager touring the US with all-black performance troupes, and in New York nightclubs, before moving to Paris in the mid 1920s. She found success in Paris, appearing at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées in La Revue nègre, and later starring at the Folies-Bergère. She was associated with the Jazz Age, and was well-known for her energetic dances, wearing outrageous costumes. Later, she was a spy for the French Resistance during WWII, as well as a civil rights worker. Genre specialization: Modern dance. SFPALM

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