Фамилия, имя Kagaya Hashinosuke
Пол [мужчина] Male
Национальная культурная самоидентификация Japanese
Страна (страны) проживания Japan
Дата рождения [1948] 1948
Дата смерти [Unknown] Unknown
Период творческой активности [Unknown] Unknown
Примечания Information from JPARC page: Japanese Theatre in Russia, 1961 Tour Photographs and Designs. "Kagaya Hashinosuke, actor, (Born: 1948.) January 1956: he makes his first appearance on stage at the Kabukiza, receiving the name of Kagaya Hashinosuke and playing in the dance "Kumo no Hyôshimai". April 1967: Kagaya Hashinosuke takes the name of Nakamura Matsue V at the Kabukiza, playing the role of Hinadori in the "Yoshinokawa" scene of the drama "Imoseyama Onna Teikin". Nakamura Kaishun II is a talented onnagata actor trained by Nakamura Utaemon VI. His forte are impersonating princesses and playing the best female roles of budôgoto. Still active in 2005: tôshi kyôgen revival at the National Theater of the drama "Ehon Taikôki"; Kaishun plays the role of Takechi Jûjirô.... "

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