Название произведения Saigyōzakura
Иное название произведения Saigyoozakura* ([Транслитерация] Transliteration) ,
Saigyôzakura* ([Транслитерация] Transliteration) ,
Saigyou-zakura* ([Транслитерация] Transliteration) ,
Saigyozakura ([Транслитерация] Transliteration) ,
Saigyou (Earlier title) ,
Saigyô zakura ([Транслитерация] Transliteration) ,
Saigyô-zakura ([Транслитерация] Transliteration) ,
Saigyo zakura ([Транслитерация] Transliteration)
Дата создания Muromachi
Автор (Профессия) Zeami [Драматург] Playwright
Вид искусства Noh
Творческий метод currently performed noh
Язык (-и) [Японский] Japanese
Структура произведения One act
Сюжет Deep in the mountains of Saga a mountain cherry is known as the tree that inspired the poet Saigyō.
Примечания Old title: "Saigyou no noh." Third Category: Woman (Katsura). *Alternative Rōmaji (Roman characters) spelling. Improper but frequently or possibly used spelling or reading of the Kanji (Chinese characters), or an unorthodox name.
Произведение опубликовано в (Страницы) Japanese Nô Dramas,
Restless Spirits from Japanese Noh Plays of the Fourth Group: Parallel Translations with Running Commentary

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Взаимосвязанные произведения 1982Feb11, Kawamura noh stage, Kanze school of shitekata (Kanze-ryū), Saigyouzakura ,
1971May, Saigyouzakura ,
Performances of the piece 1001492, 1000937, 1001491, 1000936
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