Название произведения Orochi
Иное название произведения Izumototsuka ,
Дата создания Muromachi
Автор (Профессия) Kanze Nobumitsu [Драматург] Playwright
Вид искусства Noh
Творческий метод currently performed noh
Язык (-и) [Японский] Japanese
Структура произведения Two acts
Сюжет Susanoô no Mikoto comes to the land of Izumo. He encounters an old couple who are crying with their daughter. They tell him that an eight-headed serpent has come to devour one of their daughters every year. Now they have only one daughter left and the serpent is coming soon. Susanoô offers to kill the serpent if the couple will let him marry the daughter. The couple agrees, and Susanoô gets to work: he turns the princess into a comb and constructs eight big vessels filled with poisonous wine. During the mid-play break, the tree spirit appears to retell the story, while all the characters exit the stage. After the tree spirit’s monologue, Susanoô appears with the princess. The serpent appears and drinks the poisonous wine. Susanoô eventually kills the serpent and obtains from its tail a sword called Murakumo no Ken.
Ссылки (Страницы) Der Schintoismus in Japanischen Nō-Drama
Примечания Fifth category demon play. Props: Two platforms: the shite, tsure, and kokata sit on one behind a closed veil; the smaller one is where the serpent sits.

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