Название произведения Little Johnny Jones
Иное название произведения Little Johnny Jones (The American Jockey)
Дата создания [1904] 1904
Автор (Профессия) Cohan, George M. Author
Вид искусства Musical, American
Язык (-и) [Английский] English
Персонажи произведения Johnny Jones , [Неизвестный] The Unknown , Florabelle Fly , Anthony Anstey , Sing Song , Timothy D. McGee Johnny Jones
Сюжет Johnny, an American jockey, has been framed for deliberately losing the Derby, and must remain in England rather than go home to America in disgrace.
Ссылки (Страницы) Internet Movie Database
Примечания George M. Cohan wrote, directed, starred-in, and wrote the music and lyrics.

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