Название произведения Bandanna Land
Иное название произведения Bandannaland ,
Bandana Land ,
Дата создания [1907] 1907
Автор (Профессия) Williams, Bert [Драматург] Playwright ,
Walker, George [Драматург] Playwright
Вид искусства Minstrelsy, Musical, American
Язык (-и) [Английский] English
Персонажи произведения Bud Jenkins , Skunkton Bowser , Mose Blackstone , Amos Simmons , Dinah Simmons Bud Jenkins
Сюжет African-American characters. Simple-minded Skunkton Bowser turns an unexpected inheritance into a fortune with the help of friend Bud Jenkins and an all-black real estate investment company.
Ссылки (Страницы) Sissieretta Jones: A study of the negro’s contribution to nineteenth century American concert and theatrical life. ,
Nobody; The Story of Bert Williams ,
Bert Williams; A Biography of the Pioneer Black Comedian
Примечания Williams and Walker Company. SFPALM

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