Название произведения Androcles and the Lion
Иное название произведения Androklus und der Löwe ([Перевод] Translation)
Дата создания [1912] 1912
Автор (Профессия) [Шоу, Бернард] Shaw, Bernard [Драматург] Playwright
Вид искусства Comedy
Язык (-и) [Английский] English
Структура произведения Prologue, Act I, Act II, Scene 1, Act II, Scene 2, Act II, Scene 3
Персонажи произведения Lion ([Животные/растения] Animals / plants) , Androcles , Magaera , Centurion ([Военные] Military personnel) , Captain ([Военные] Military personnel) , Lavinia , Lentulus , Metellus , Spintho , Ferrovius , The Slave Driver , Call Boy , Secutor , Retiarius , The Editor , The Menagerie Keeper , Emperor ([Правители/цари] Royalty / rulers) Lion
Сюжет Androcles, a Christian who once removed a thorn from a lion's paw, is rewarded years later when the same lion refuses to devour him when he and other Christians have been sentenced to die in a Roman public forum.
Примечания Published in German (as "Androklus und der Löwe") in 1913, three years before its first printed publication in the United Kingdom.

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Взаимосвязанные произведения 1925Dec26, Regent Theatre (London, England), Macdona Players, Androcles and the Lion ,
Regents Park, London, 1934 ,
1913, St. James's Theatre (London, England), Androcles and the Lion ,
1915, Wallack's Theatre, Androcles and the Lion ,
1914Jan15, Volksbüehne (Vienna, Austria), Androcles and the Lion ,
1919Nov04, Abbey Theatre, Abbey Company, Androcles and the Lion
Performances of the piece 340, 342
Representations of characters from piece 2196, 338, 327, 1005667
Components associated with piece 2196, 2199, 327, 1324, 2184, 2197, 2195