Постановка (главные данные) 1900, Her Majesty's Theatre (London, England), Herod
Иная идентификация постановки Beerbohm Tree, 1900 (migrated production name)
Место постановки Her Majesty's Theatre (London, England)
Литературная основа Herod
Создатели и исполнители Calhoun, Eleanor ([Актер] Actor) White, J. Fisher ([Актер] Actor) Stevens, Percival ([Актер] Actor) Tharp, Norman ([Актер] Actor) Somerset, C. W. ([Актер] Actor) Cookson, S. A. ([Актер] Actor) Fulton, Charles ([Актер] Actor) Fielding, Edward ([Актер] Actor) Collings, C. F. ([Актер] Actor) Varna, H. W. ([Актер] Actor) L'Estrange, Mr. ([Актер] Actor) Morton, Cavendish ([Актер] Actor) Jeffries, Maud ([Актер] Actor) Bateman, Miss ([Актер] Actor) Jacobi, Rosalie ([Актер] Actor) Moubrey, Lillian ([Актер] Actor) Dillon, Frances ([Актер] Actor) Tree, Beerbohm ([Актер] Actor)
Основные художественные элементы Mr. Percy Anderson
Примечания Scene: Herod's Palace, ca. 30 B.C. Edward Fielding played A Captain; Mr. L'Estrange played A Cupbearer; Charles Fulton played A Physician; S.A. Cookson played A Priest; Norman Tharp played Aristobulos and High Priest; Rosalie Jacobi played Bathsheba, Maid to Mariamne; H.W. Varna played Chief Artificer; Miss Bateman played Cypros, Mother of Herod; C.F. Collings played Envoy from Rome; C.W. Somerset played Gadias, Chief Councillor; Lillian Moubrey played Hagar, an Old Woman; Beerbohm Tree played Herod, King of the Jews; Frances Dillon played Judith, a Lady of the Court; Maud Jeffries played Mariamne, Queen and Wife to Herod; Eleanor Calhoun played Salome, Sister of Herod; J. Fisher White played Syllaeus, a Blind Man; Cavendish Morton played The King's Servant; Percival Stevens played Tim Haffigan

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