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Nakamura Kiyosaburō I
Character types: young female roles; jokyo; keisei. Group affiliations: Iseya. Nakamura Kiyosaburo I was a son of Sakakiyama Yosojuro who was a student of Sakakiyama Koshiro I. He initially was a student of Nakamura Shingoro and took the name Nakamura Kiyosaburo. In 1732 he worked as a child role (iroko) at Arashi Koroku theater in Kyoto. Two years later he changed his name to Nakamura Kiyosaburo (using different character and used both names) In 1744 he became a theater manager at Mandayu theater in Kyoto. In 1749 he moved to Edo and performed there for three years and went to Osaka. After that he moved to Kyoto, Edo, Oska and Kyoto again. He performed in Nagoya in 1763 and went to Osaka, Edo and Osaka again. After he performed at Ogurayama theater in kyoto in 1776, he didn't appear on stage. He had good looks and good voice (koseki). He was also excelled in jokyo and keisei roles.
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Date of birth
1721 - 1721
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Date Deceased
June 18, 1777
Person > Person Alternate Name
*/d_person/r_person_altname 6379
Also known as
Nakamura Kiyosaburō
Person > Person Alternate Name
*/d_person/r_person_altname 6690
Also known as
Nakamura Kiyozō I
Person > Person Alternate Name
*/d_person/r_person_altname 6808
Also known as
Person > Person Alternate Name
*/d_person/r_person_altname 6973
Also known as
Person > Person Alternate Name
*/d_person/r_person_altname 7071
Also known as
Nakamura Kiyosaburou
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Associated Region
Kyoto (Japan)