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Nakamura Sukegorō II
Character types: evil enemies (kataki yaku). Group affiliations: Sengokuya. Nakamura Sukegoro II was a son of Nakamura Sukegoro I. He trained with his father under the name Sengoku Sukeji, and it is said that he trained in Osaka. In 1761 he palyed an evil enemy role at the Morita Theater in Edo. Two years later he became Nakamura Sukegoro II. In 1803 he changed his name to Nakamura Gyoraku and retired. He was celebrated for his masculine style and had a clear voice. He was active from 1761 to 1803.
Person > Date
*/d_person/d_person.birthdateid 1007670
Date of birth
1745 - 1745
Person > Date
*/d_person/d_person.deathdateid 1007671
Date Deceased
October 29, 1806
Person > Person Alternate Name
*/d_person/r_person_altname 6464
Also known as
Sengoku Sukeji (first adult stage name)
Person > Person Alternate Name
*/d_person/r_person_altname 6689
Also known as
Nakamura Gyoraku
Person > Person Alternate Name
*/d_person/r_person_altname 6829
Also known as
Person > Person Alternate Name
*/d_person/r_person_altname 7020
Also known as
Nakamura Sukegorou
Person > Country
*/d_person/r_person_country 13
Person > Culture
*/d_person/r_person_cultureid 25
Person > Person Geographic Affiliation
*/d_person/r_person_geographic_affiliation 1032
Associated Region
Edo (Japan) (historic name)