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Bandō Sampachi I
Character types: Shamisen player; evil enemies (kataki yaku); male lead roles (tachiyaku); manservants of samurai (yakko); aragoto. Group affiliations: Yamatoya. Bando Sampachi I was a son of Yamatoya Matahachi. He initially was a shamisen player as Ota Sanjuro at Ichimuraza but changed to a kabuki actor. In 1745 he became a student of Ichimura Uzaemon VIII and changed his name to Bando Matahachi. The following year he first appeared on stage in an evil role at the same theater. In 1750 he changed his name to Bando Sampachi and the next year he played a male role and became popular. In 1764 he went to Osaka and adopted Takeda Minosuke. He took Minosuke to Edo and made him take the name Bando Mitsugoro. He retired in 1770. He was good at both jidaimono and sewamono and was skillful as manservants of samurai (yakko aragoto). He was active from 1750 to 1770.
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Date of birth
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Date Deceased
January 11, 1874
Person > Person Alternate Name
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Also known as
Bando Matahachi I
Person > Person Alternate Name
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Also known as
Person > Person Alternate Name
*/d_person/r_person_altname 6888
Also known as
Ota Sanjuro (shamisen player name)
Person > Person Alternate Name
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Also known as
Person > Person Alternate Name
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Also known as
Bandō Mitsugorō
Person > Person Alternate Name
*/d_person/r_person_altname 7177
Also known as
Bandō Sanpachi
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Associated Region
Edo (Japan) (historic name)