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Christensen, Lew
From a family of dancers, the Christensen brothers (Lew, Harold, and Willam) began performing professionally in vaudeville in the late 1920s and early 30s, then moved quickly into ballet. They worked with a variety of dance greats, including Lincoln Kirstein and George Balanchine, in a number of companies. They also worked as choreographers and teachers; Lew alone choreographed over 70 pieces. Willam directed the San Francisco Ballet from 1938-1951, as did Lew from 1951-1984. Lew married fellow Ballet Caravan performer Gisella Caccialanza. SFPALM
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Date of birth
May 6, 1909
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Date Deceased
October 8, 1984
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Dates active
1925 - 1984
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Also known as
Christensen, Lewellyn Farr
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United States
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