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Piece Title
Kuse no to
Plot Summary
The Minister is on his way to pay homage to Kusenotô, a sacred spot in the land of Tango. There he meets two fishermen who tell him about the legend of the place. This is where the deity Hohonomi no Mikoto invited Monjû Buddha from India to descend to bless the land, and also where he returned to after visiting the Dragon Palace. The three sing praises of the deities and their blessings to the land. When the Minister asks the old fisherman his name, the fisherman answers that he is the deity serving Monjû Buddha and promises to return later with the heavenly lantern. The kyôgen, the guardian deity of the gate of Kusenotô, appears and introduces the place. After his monologue, a female deity and the Dragon King appear, each holding a heavenly lantern. They perform a dance and then disappear into the sea.
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Kuse Gate, The
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Two acts