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数码影像题目 "Yoshitsune Senbon Zakura, Oct. 1987, Paris, Fourth act finale"
相关表演艺术 Kabuki
演出构成元素 Flying technique
作品/剧目 Yoshitsune senbon zakura
演出构成元素名称 Chūnori
演出构成元素活动日期 [Unknown] Unknown
Component Acitvity Part of Body Entire body
物件制造日期 [Unknown] Unknown
物件毁坏日期 [Unknown] Unknown
演出构成元素的纪录 A particularly difficult flying gimmick to construct due to the great height of the Paris Opera House location of the production.
Credit Line Courtesy of Shunichiro Kanai, Kanai Odogu Co., LTD.
订购须知 Contact Kanai Odogu Co., LTD.,