人物姓名 Yamashita Kinsaku II
人物姓名別号 Nakamura Handayu (Earlier stage name) ,
Rikō (using two different characters for -ko) ([笔名] Pen or literary name) ,
Nakamura Rikou ,
Nakamura Tomijuurou
性別 [男性] Male
文化身份 Japanese
居住国家 Japan
出生日期 [1733 - 1733] 1733 - 1733
死亡日期 [ 12, 1799] September 12, 1799
流派分类 Kabuki
相关地理区域 Osaka (Japan)
参考 Kabuki Jinmei Jiten (p.648) ,
The Actor's Image: Print Makers of the Katsukawa School (p.488)
附注 Character types: pretty boy roles (iroko); young female roles (waka onnagata). Group affiliations: Tennojiya. Yamashita Kinsanku II was a student of Nakamura Tomijuro and was called Nakamura Handayu. He first appeared on stage at the Nakamura Kumetaro Theater in Kyoto in 1747, and was adopted by Yamashita Kinsaku I and became Yamashita Kinsaku II in 1749. In 1752 he moved to Edo and performed at the Nakamura Theater. In 1755 he went back to Osaka. In 1769 he went to Edo again and became famous. He ranked as the best actor of female roles in 1779. In 1799 he last performed at the Yamashita Kamemastu Theater in August and the next month he passed away. He excelled in all female roles and was aslo a skilled haikai poet. He owned an oil shop. He was active from 1747 to 1799.

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