人物姓名 Matsumoto Kojirō I
人物姓名別号 Matsumoto Hidejurō I (Earlier stage name) ,
Omatsu ([笔名] Pen or literary name) ,
Hidematsu ([笔名] Pen or literary name) ,
Matsumoto Kojirou ([别字] Alternate spelling)
性別 [男性] Male
文化身份 Japanese
居住国家 Japan
出生日期 [Unknown] Unknown
死亡日期 [Unknown] Unknown
流派分类 Kabuki
相关地理区域 Edo (Japan) (historic region)
附注 Character types: evil enemies (kataki yaku). Matsumoto Kojiro I was a student of Matsumoto Koshiro II and took the name Matsumoto Hidejuro. In 1759 he first appeared on stage as male leads at the Morita Theater in Edo. In 1773 he changed his name to Matsumoto Kojiro, and in 1825 he last performed at the Nakamura Theater. He was acrive from 1759 to 1825.

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