人物姓名 Jones, Sissieretta
人物姓名別号 Black Patti ([艺名] Stage name) ,
Joyner, Matilda Sissieretta ([幼名] Birth name)
性別 [女性] Female
文化身份 African-American
居住国家 United States
出生日期 [ 5, 1869] January 5, 1869
死亡日期 [ 24, 1933] June 24, 1933
活跃日期 [1888 - 1916] 1888 - 1916
流派分类 Opera, European
相关表演艺术团体 Black Patti Troubadours
附注 Sissieretta Jones was a classically-trained opera singer, and one of the most popular stars of the late 19th and early 20th century stage. She was dubbed "Black Patti" after the Italian singer Adelina Patti. Her managers organized a larger minstrel stage show to tour with her, known as Black Patti's Troubadours, whose early minstrel show format later gave way to fully-formed musical comedy. SFPALM

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相关演出 Black Patti Troubadours, Darktown's Circus Day
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