人物姓名 Thumb, General Tom
人物姓名別号 General Tom Thumb ([艺名] Stage name) ,
Stratton, Charles Sherwood ([幼名] Birth name)
性別 [女性] Female
文化身份 American
居住国家 United States
出生日期 [1838] 1838
死亡日期 [ 15, 1883] July 15, 1883
活跃日期 [1842 - 1883] 1842 - 1883
相关表演艺术团体 Barnum's American Museum sideshow performers, Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus
相关的文化,学术及艺术机关 Barnum's American Museum (New York)
参考 P. T. Barnum; America’s Greatest Showman, an Illustrated Biography.
附注 Discovered by P. T. Barnum at age 4, and stage-named after a fairy tale hero, this midget was a natural performer and comedian. Thumb quickly learned how to dance, sing, and act, and enjoyed delighting a crowd with his antics. He was highly successful and became very wealthy. In 1863, he married Lavinia Warren Bump, another of Barnum's midget performers. SFPALM

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相关演出 1863Feb10, Grace Episcopal Church, Barnum's American Museum sideshow performers, Fairy Wedding, The
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