人物姓名 Walker, Ada Overton
人物姓名別号 Overton, Ada ([本姓] Maiden name) ,
Walker, Aida Overton ([艺名] Stage name) ,
Overton, Aida ([艺名] Stage name)
性別 [女性] Female
文化身份 African-American
居住国家 United States
出生日期 [ 14, 1880] February 14, 1880
死亡日期 [ 11, 1914] October 11, 1914
活跃日期 [1896 - 1914] 1896 - 1914
流派分类 Minstrelsy, Modern dance, Drama
相关表演艺术团体 Black Patti Troubadours, Williams and Walker Company
参考 Nobody; The Story of Bert Williams ,
Bert Williams; A Biography of the Pioneer Black Comedian
附注 Actress, minstrel, dancer. Wife of George Walker. Performed with Williams and Walker Company minstrels. Regarded as the best black woman dancer in the US during her time, and as the first black female choreographer. SFPALM

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相关演出 1908, Williams and Walker Company, Bandanna Land
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