人物姓名 Montez, Lola
人物姓名別号 Gilbert, Marie Dolores Eliza Rosanna ([全名] Full name)
性別 [女性] Female
文化身份 Irish
居住国家 Austria, United States, France, United Kingdom
出生日期 [1818] 1818
死亡日期 [1861] 1861
活跃日期 19th century (1801-1900 CE)
流派分类 Drama, Ballet
参考 San Francisco Stage: From Gold Rush to Golden Spike, 1849-1869
附注 This Irish-born actress and dancer (of ballet and various folk dances) billed herself as seductive Spanish siren Lola Montez. She lived an outrageous life, marrying several times, and dancing the scandalous Spider Dance, in which she shook and shimmied all over the stage, as if her dress was infested with spiders- sometimes she would tuck rubber spiders into her costume, so that they would fly into the audience during the performance. SFPALM

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相关演出 1852, New York (N.Y.), Carneval of Seville
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