人物姓名 Oukrainsky, Serge
人物姓名別号 Orlay de Carva, Leonidas ([幼名] Birth name) ,
Orlay de Carva, Leon ([绰号,别名] Nickname)
性別 [男性] Male
居住国家 France, Russia, United States, United Kingdom
出生日期 [Unknown] Unknown
死亡日期 [1972] 1972
活跃日期 [1913 - 1972] 1913 - 1972
流派分类 Ballet
相关表演艺术团体 San Carlo Opera Company, Pavlova Ballet, San Francisco Opera Company, Pavley-Oukrainsky Ballet Company, San Francisco Ballet, Chicago Opera Company
参考 Danse Macabre; The Life and Death of Andreas Pavley
附注 Along with Andreas Pavley, Serge Oukrainsky founded the Pavley-Oukrainsky Balley Company and School. Oukrainsky had already taken on additional porojects by the time of Pavley's suicide in 1931, after which their company was disbanded. Oukrainsky also worked as the ballet master at the San Francisco Ballet from 1937 to 1938. SFPALM

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相关演出 1925, Chicago Opera Company, Cleopatra
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